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OMG, The World Just Ended!!

Or all the nutjobs were just proven wrong. The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN in Geneva has successfully collided its beams for the first time at world record speeds. The LHC has had a lot of problems and the collision of the beams have been delayed numerous times, but finally it was successful!

Some of the questions Cern hopes the LHC will be able to answer is how the universe looked just a millisecond after the big bang, if there actually is a so called “God Particle”, and how many chucks could a wood chuck chuck? Some of life and science’s big questions. I for one am excited, and hopefully some real cool things will come out of this big ass donut.

Here is the press release from Cern:

Live Webcast:


Lady Gaga Breaks One Billion Viewers Mark

Lady Gaga is the first artist to get over one billion views (that’s 1,000,000,000, or one thousand millions) on the internet. It’s the combined views of her three biggest hits; Poker Face, Just Dance, and Bad Romance that has brought her over the magical billion views mark. I wonder if the internet geeks are more tolerant to gay people than I thought. Then again, one glance at the comment section on any YouTube video and that theory falls as flat as Debra Messing’s chest (snap!). Either way, the openly bisexual gay supporting artist has had immense success since her breakout hit Just Dance, and wether you hate her or love her, there’s no denying that the world has gone gaga for Gaga. See what I did there? Yeah… I’m clever like that!

Oh, btw, apparently Soulja Boy is right there on her heals, which is… cool I guess.


I know that this post isn’t really in tune with the rest of the posts I have put on this blog so far, but I just have to say… wow. Something real has actually been done in this country. When I first came here, George W. Bush was still in office, no one had faith in the government, no one saw a light in the dark tunnel, but today so much has changed. I was here to witness a historic election of a new president, and today I was here to witness a historic vote on a bill that might change this country forever. Even if it will turn out good or bad, one thing is sure about the passing of the Health Care Reform bill in the House today; Things can actually be done.

Even though I’m not a citizen of the Unites States I do consider this my home now, and I’m very interested in how this country will move forward. I’ve had my ups and downs with Obama, I was rooting for him in the Presidential election, but once he took the office I’ve had my disagreements. I felt what his stance on gay rights has changed, and that he is not as supportive of us and our cause now as he was in his campaign. But he has sort of come around a little bit, not as much as I had hoped, but at least somewhat. During Obama’s campaign, he seemed like the candidate that could make the most changes to this country, and boy… was change needed after eight years of Bush in office. Today it is clear that the message that Obama was running for the presidency on was true, change has come, and change will continue to come.

New Header Will Come Soon

I’m not sure if anyone cares, but I am in the process of designing a new header for the blog. I’m not a webdesigner so I had to take the template right from wordpress and the header came along with it. I do have some graphic design experience though so I will do my best to make a sweet looking header for the blog. As long as this college deal slows down a little bit, god it’s exhausting. Molecules here, molecules there… get over it already.

Do Gays Keep Their Online “Life” More Private?

I have profiles on a variety of internet sites; twitter, facebook,, various videogame sites, etc. But the only profile that I let my IRL friends and family (no I don’t have online family) see is my facebook account. And even there I only show them my real personal facebook where I can keep in touch with all my friends and family across the pond, never my pondpseudonym “Sweedie” facebook (that I just started a few days ago btw). I am very private when it comes to my online “life” (I put life in quotation marks because, well… let’s be real, it’s not much of a life.), and I’m starting to wonder if it’s because I’m gay or if it’s something that most people do.

When I finally admitted to myself that I was gay I was in the closet for at least two years before I told anyone about it. It wasn’t so much that I was ashamed, it was mostly because I wanted to explore this side of me by myself before I had anyone either cast judgement or be proud of me for being strong and coming out. Since I was (and still am) a huge computer geek I turned to the internet to explore my desires. I think this is where all the secrecy came into play. I was still living with my parents, so I had to be careful with what my browser’s history said, and since I wasn’t out there was no way that I could show them any of my online profiles. Same with my friends, I never really talked to them about what I did on the internet, but then again… that is kind of a boring subject anyway.

Now I’m basically completely out, most of my friends know of my situation, my family knows about me, but I’m still
not open about my online “life”. I have shown one of my friends my profile. I haven’t showed anyone my twitter page, and I haven’t even told anyone about this blog. I do have some theories about why this is, my first one is that I’m just so much more riskay online than I am IRL. It’s not that I’m shy outside the internet, it’s just that I’m just so… unshy inside of it. I feel like I can say whatever I want on here without anyone going “that boy is craaazy”, which is probably completely inaccurate by the way. My second theory is that I’m still stuck in the mindset that I have to hide my online profiles from my real life because I’m still not completely comfortable to let people into my life a hundred percent. I mean, let’s be real, I’ve done some nasty shit on some of these site, I’m talking kinky to the max, and I’m just not sure I want anyone to know about that. Although what I just wrote might be a lie, I’ve still wrote, and said, some stupid shit online and I guess I’m just scared that it will come back to haunt me in the future. Letting people in fully has never been my strong point when it comes to personal relationships, and I guess hiding my online identity is just another way to keeping that going…

How do you manage your online “life”? Are you completely open to your real life friends and your family about what you do online? Or do you prefer to keep the lid on for most of them?

Facebook is the New King of the Internets

This week got more hits on their website than did. This is kind of interesting to me. This means that people are more interested in what their friends are doing than to find information about new stuff. Are we really that unthirsty for new knowledge? Although… I guess google isn’t really used to find new information. Porn. What happened to porn? You can’t search for porn on facebook, porn isn’t even allowed on facebook… When did porn lose the spot of the most used feature of the internet? I guess everyone have found the porn site of their preference so that they don’t have to google it anymore. And besides, if you google the word “porn” you will get millions of shitty sites… You have to be more specific, something like “clowns eating bananas… porn”. And maybe your friends of facebook share their sweet banana eating clown porn with you so you don’t have to search for it on google.

Anyway, congratulations to facebook for being the new corporate giant of the internet, I salute you, and I salute your mother. Oh, and I can’t forget the sites that made facebook so popular. Like the site the guy that started facebook first worked on together with a group of people and then stole that whole idea and went solo. Or other sites aimed at posting images for others to view (photobucket etc.), or the latest steal; twitter with the status updates, or microbloging as it so web 2.0 is called. Or lets talk about the fact that facebook have 400 million people’s personal information, images, work place, education, birthday. It’s kind of scary if you think about it… I’m sorry, I just can’t help being cynical when it comes to facebook, but then again, I use it every day so I guess that makes me a stinking hypocrite.

NASA Finds Life 600 feet Under Antarctica

This tiny little shrimp looking organism has been found deep down under Antarctica. The scientists found the amphipod when they lowered a video camera under the ice to, for the first time, explore the underside of the Antarctic ice. Normally life should not be able to live under such extreme conditions, so this is quite the discovery. One of the scientists described their feelings about the discovery “We were just gaga over it,”. Apparently that means they were very excited about the discovery since they put their poker faces on, rode on the drill like a disco stick, and just danced.

This is especially interesting to me since I’ve been to antarctica once. Yes it was this fishing trip my uncle Joe took me on. I remember it so well because we had to bring this long ass drill in order to get down to the water. And when it was time for lunch he had brought these great tasting shrimp, I remember dropping one down the fishing hole, it took such a long time before I heard… wait a minute… Crap.