Death Comes When We Least Expect It…

Today I visited the DMV. As always on Saturdays the place was packed so I expected to reside there for a while. I decided to take my (shitty) smartphone out to check my facebook and other social sites to kill some time. That is something I wish I would not have done. I had no notifications, but one of my friend’s post caught my eye. He had written Rest In Peace followed by one of my other friend’s names…

At first I thought it was some type of cruel joke, and I almost wrote an angry comment on the post telling him that death is not something to joke about. But before I had come that far another similar post from another friend popped up. This is when I realized that what I had thought to simply be a cruel joke may actually be reality. Only a minute after I read the second post I received a phone call from one of my best friends from Sweden, currently residing in NYC. The call was filled with tears and the confirmation that what was written on facebook was in fact true.

This is only the second death of someone that I have known for a long time that I have ever experienced. The first one being my aunt. This was different though, this was someone that was about my age, healthy, and an all around lively person, whereas my aunt had battled lung cancer after years of smoking so in a sense you had some time to prepare for that loss. I did not know how to react, all I knew was that I was very confused. How can a perfectly healthy 27 year old suddenly die from cardiac arrest?

I was never incredibly close to the man who passed away, but I did spend a lot of time with him, and he was an essential part in the group that used to hang out together back in Sweden. The thing I liked most about him was that he was always 100% himself. When I first met him I was somewhat put off by him and his manners, he had always been a very sarcastic person and enjoyed getting a laugh on other people’s expenses. I actually thought that he sort of had it out for me in the beginning. However, when I actually got to know him I realized that his jokes were applied to everyone, not just me, and that he was indeed a very wonderful, incredibly smart, and a really loving person. He would always put a smile on people’s faces and he was always one of the central forces in our group of friends. He never explained his jokingly ways, he always had the mentality that either people got him right away, or they would figure him out later once they actually got to know him. There are not enough people like that in the world.

Sadly we now have one less of those people. You did have a big impact on my life, and you were an essential part in my teenage years and was a big part of forming the man I am today. Even though we haven’t spent much time together since I moved to the U.S. I have always been able to look back at all the laughs we had and the great times we all shared during those years. It’s funny how I always expected you to be part of that whenever I returned home… and now you won’t be. Wherever you are right now, know that you left a lot of people who love you behind. Tonight I drink Fernet in your honor. R.I.P.


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