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Rick Perry Confuses Me…

So, Rick Perry has a new ad out in which he is extremely offensive to both the gay community and the military. What makes his ad even more reprehensible is that his staff managed to disable the comments section on youtube so that no one can voice their opinions about the ad. Luckily his staff forgot to disable the ratings functionality and with over 300,000 dislikes (compared to the ~8,000 likes), the public’s opinion on this ad is pretty clear. What confuses me about Rick Perry though is that while I feel like going to his house with the sole purpose of spitting in his face, I would most likely end up doing much dirtier things to his face as well.

Because, irregardless of his political views, Rick Perry is fucking hot to me. I’m a gay man and while I am merely 25 years old I am only attracted to men well above 40. Most people immediately make the assumption that it has something to do with money, believe me it does not. I just don’t find younger guys attractive at all. I like my men to be more mature, masculine, and preferably gray haired. It’s just my preference, and unfortunately Rick Perry fits that description to a T. I also have a thing for suits which only further increases my attraction to him. It’s like an internal battle between my big brain and my smaller brain. Luckily my big brain wins out because as excited as my penis gets whenever I see a picture of him, the minute he opens his mouth the excitement turns into anger. I guess there is such a thing as aggressive sex, but I generally prefer to be on the subordinate end on the aggression (TMI I know).

Anyway… To sum up: while I feel like punching the guy in the mouth, I also feel like putting my penis in there. I’m so confused…

Ps. In case you haven’t seen the ad, this is not it, but it’s funny:


Gays are Sinners, Yet You Fuck Around on Your Wife

Oh laaawdy lawd. This week married New York republican representative Chris Lee was caught cruising for women on craigslist (which is so 2006 btw). To me it’s starting to get real fucking laughable how these people time and time again get caught in these type of situations. It’s one thing to cheat on your wife, or get caught going to strip clubs, or get caught with a hooker. It’s another thing being a politician doing it. And it’s even worse when you’re a Republican politician doing it. The reason for the latest statement is very clear and simple; republicans are time and time again working against gay rights, and trying to uphold this so called “sanctity of marriage” that they so clearly possess a shitload of.

I honestly don’t care what people do on their spare time, if they want to fuck around on their wives, go ahead, I have nothing to do with that. Even though their wives are getting hurt, it’s still a matter for them to deal with, not me. However, when my personal and my minority group’s rights are being challenged by said adulterer, that’s when it gets to be my business. Who the fuck are you to say that my MONOGAMOUS loving relationship is sinful and shouldn’t be acknowledged by the federal government as legitimate as to grant us the ca 1,200 benefits that come with a legally bound partnership, when you clearly can’t keep your dirty ass dick in your pants? <insert more curse words here>

And this week’s republican scandal is just a drop in the whore-filled sea that is the republican sex scandals. I was going to make a list of every single one in the recent years, but after doing some research I found that that would take me about a year and a half, so I’m just going to put down the juiciest and gayest ones:

2010: Roy Ashburn, California State Senator gets arrested for drunk driving on his way home from a gay bar. Later he admitted to being gay. AssFuckingHole.

2009: Alan David Berlin, aide of Senator Jane Orie of Pennsylvania gets arrested for sending detailed emails to a fifteen year old boy. The emails consisted of sexual innuendos and fantasies where he dressed up as a panda bear (I can’t make this shit up). People with this sexual fetish are called “Furries”, people wanting sex with fifteen year old boys are called pedophiles. PedoBear.

2009: John Ensign, Senator from Nevada gets ousted for fucking around on his wife with a married staffer. Later he accuses her of trying to extort him, but evidence comes out that shows he was trying to pay her off to keep quiet. AssMunch.

2008: Matthew Joseph Elliott, aide of Mitt Romney, is convicted of sexually exploiting a child. PedoAss.

2008: Robert McKee, Maryland delegate, convicted of possession of child porn. PedoFuck.

2007: Robert “Bob” Allen, Florida state representative, got caught by a male undercover cop trying to buy oral sex for $20 from him. CheapFuck.

2007: Richard Curtis, Washington state representative, got caught with a male escort. This fucker voted time and time again against a variety of gay rights-issues. HypocriticalDick.

2006: Mark Foley, Florida republican representative, sex chat with several men. This was attempted to be covered up by such big shots as John Boehner (hehe Boner). AssDick.

2005: John Gosek, Mayor of Oswego, NY, got arrested for paying an undercover cop $250 to take him to a hotel room to have sex with two 15 year old girls. PayingPedo.

2005: Jeff Miller, Senate Caucus Chairman in Tennessee, sponsor of Tennessee Marriage Protection Act, gets divorced because of being an adulterer. He supported the Marriage Protection Act, except for the part about not being a sleezy fuckass and not cheat on your wife. SinfulFuck.

2005: Jeffrey Kyle Randall, Mayor of Clarkfield, Minnesota, got sentenced to jail for molesting two under-aged boys (10 and 12) during a six year period. PedoMayo.

2005: Jim West, Mayor of Spokane, had a sexual relationship with an 18 year old man. He supported bills that would have prevented gay people from working in schools, daycare centers, etc. He also voted against the state being able to distribute pamphlets on how to protect yourself from getting HIV. And lastly said that “any touching of the sexual or other intimate parts of a person” among teenagers should be criminalized. I guess that didn’t work out too well for ya, did it. FittHora.

Ok, those were some of the best examples from the last few years. There’s a whole list of republican sex scandals that can be found here.
Enjoy the reading.

To be a little bit serious for a while. People may come at me saying “not all republicans engage in this behavior” or “not all republicans are against gay rights”. And sure, those people are right. However, there is a buttload of republican sex scandals, ranging from Senators, to Priests, to Radio show hosts. And it is fact that the majority of the republican party has voted against, or come out against, bills/legislatures that would grant gays rights in this country. That’s why this whole thing is so hypocritical. If you think marriage is so holy and should be protected from us evil gays at all cost, then the first step you should take is to keep your dick in your pants. It’s as simple as that. You can’t come to me and tell me that how I live my life is wrong, or sinful, based upon a book that also clearly states what you’re doing is wrong, or sinful. Probably a lot more wrong and sinful than what I’m doing too.

Say what you want about other type of issues the republicans stand for, but honestly, if you are gay and you care about gay rights, are these really the people you want to associate yourself with? (I’m talking to you Jimmy LaSalvia). I understand that people have different ideas about the economy, national protection, welfare systems, or whatever, but at this point in time when we as a group really do lack a lot of rights in society, what is more important? It may be a bit selfish to only focus on this issue, but at the same time, enough is fucking enough (I had to get one more “Fuck” in there).

Fuck count: 15

Sociology of Sexuality is One Piece of Hot Class!

Last night I had my first class in “Sociology of Sexuality” (for those who don’t know, I’m a Biology major and a Sociology Minor), and all I can say is… WOW. I didn’t really know what to expect from this class going into it, and I’m glad I didn’t because I could never have imagined what the content of the course would be. The main reason I signed up for this class is because I’m gay and I thought that maybe I would learn a little bit about why gays are suppressed in society, etc. Unfortunately the teacher made a point early on to say that she wanted to teach it more in that way, but there just isn’t enough published research in order to base a large section of the class on that subject. We will, however, touch on it, but not as much as may be needed.

Anyway, the class started off as any other class starts off the first time you attend it; introduction to the course and going over the syllabus. Once that was done though we started to get into sex in different cultures, and man nothing was left to the imagination. The whole purpose of this sextion was to understand that how we have sex, and how sex is viewed in today’s society, is not anything that is wired within us since birth, but something that is learned from parents and society as a whole. In order to do this we went over research done on other cultures, mainly about how they have sex and how foreplay is performed. And let me tell you… there are some fucked up societies out there. Of course I only say this because I have my taught notion of what sex should be like, but with that said, damn there are some fucked up societies out there. The biggest surprise to me was that the most widely used form of foreplay in the world was grooming and delousing. Meaning; picking lice out of one’s hair, and making the other person pretty. This is also something that is very prevalent with primates (That’s another one for you Darwin-doubters). In some societies foreplay had to go on for 6-8 hours if the actual penetrating action would even take place. By god, that is some serious petting right there. In others the foreplay got so intense that blood was actually shed.

A funny thing about masturbation was also brought to my attention. In most societies it is actually normal for children to masturbate (this is what the data says, don’t blame the messenger), and not for the adults to do so, yet in our (western) society it is the exact opposite. Tied into this is that the orgasm itself can actually have healing powers, and so can a simple touch by another human. So think about that before you teach your kids that they’ll go blind if they jerk off, when it’s more likely that they’ll go blind from not jerking off.

The most important thing for me personally that I learned in this first session was the little bit we did, in fact, learn about homosexuality. It was a history lesson that everyone should have an understanding about before judging someone for their sexual preference. In ancient Greece homosexuality was not seen as anything abnormal, and was practiced pretty freely, and in some instances even required in order to “please thy master”. At this time Christians and Jews were at war with Greece and of course that brought about a bunch of animosity towards everything they stood for, including the free-spirited homosexual attitude they had. That is explained as one of the major reasons why there is such a stigma around homosexuality in today’s society, and probably why there is such emphasis put on the one section in the bible that makes life less enjoyable for a large group of people (when there are numerous other things in the bible that are ignored – more on this topic to come here btw). It was just interesting to me to find out a little bit about the history about the stigmatization of gays in today’s society.

Overall this seems like a class that I will take away a lot from, both good and bad. I’m starting to feel more and more that sociology as a whole is a subject that should be required for everyone to take. Last semester I took a class called “Social Inequality” and it gave me so much. Sure, I came out depressed after every session, but I have such a broad understanding about inequalities present in today’s society now. And I feel that this class will teach me a great deal about society as a whole as well, even if it will get a little naughty at times. But hey, who said I don’t enjoy being naughty at times?

Black Hompophobic Hypocrites

Blacks are very proud people, and they should be, they fought their way out of slavery, unequal rights, and harassment. I am very aware that things aren’t there yet; even with a black president, inequalities and harassment still exist between black and white people, I see it every day. There is one fundamental thing that has been accomplished though, black people have their rights. Black people can’t legally be discriminated against simply because of their color (even if this still happens every day), black people don’t have any marriage restrictions, and in theory black people have the same opportunities in society as white people have.

For gays it’s a different story. We can still legally be discriminated against simply because of who we are. We can get fired just for being gay, be harassed simply for being gay, and we cannot enjoy the benefits of a marriage, simply because we are gay. Gays do have somewhat of an upper hand compared to other minority groups, that clearly is a double edged sword; we can hide who we are and side step these discriminatory conducts. We don’t have to be harassed unless we disclose who we are. The problem with this is that those of us that chose to live in truth get hurt by the people that chose to sleep around on their wife with their male secretary. So this advantage quickly become a disadvantage for the majority of the minority.

I understand that there are fundamental differences between the black struggle and the gay struggle. But we do have a very fundamental thing in common, we are (or have been) both fighting for our rights. I’m a friend of the black struggle, I understand why there is so much poverty and crime within the black community, and I’ll challenge anyone that calls out black people for just being ‘niggers’ and that it’s in their blood to be lazy or anything of the sorts. I’ve seen the hard numbers that reflect the deep inequality that still exists between black people and white people, and I understand many of the underlying causes for it.

I cannot say I’m getting the same support for my struggle from the black community though. Time and time again I hear rap songs on the radio calling people fag this faggot that, and I know for a fact that the black church is one of the biggest anti-gay institutions in the country. Us gays are going to hell for our ‘sins’, yet it’s ok to do a rap song about killing someone and selling drugs? Don’t get me wrong, I like rap, and it is my primary choice of music genre, but I’m also very aware of which artist I chose to listen to and what they are saying in their lyrics. I’m not religious at all and in many ways I feel that the church is the biggest antagonist when it comes to the progression of, not only gay rights, but society as a whole. The funny thing to me though, is that the black church stands up and condemn homosexuality when the white church was doing the exact same thing to them 50 years ago. It was the black church that was a big force with the passing of prop 8 in Cali, yet if you rewind a few decades the public opinion about interracial marriage was that it shouldn’t exist, and most opponents pointed to the bible as the reason for it. Interracial marriage became legalized because a judge ruled the law unconstitutional, if the public had voted on it, polls from back then showed that 70 something percent would’ve voted against repealing the ban. So why is it that the black church now are turning around and suppressing another group, just like they were once suppressed? Have they really forgot their own history so quickly?

Minorities need to stick together, we’re all in the same boat, and to me it seems very hypocritical to fight for the rights of your own group, and then turn around and suppress another. Who is to say that one person shall have the same rights as everyone else, but that another person should not? I’m not asking the black community to come join pride festivals and fight our struggle for us, that’s a lot to expect, but is it really too much to ask to just back off, and stop working against our struggle for obtaining the same rights that you once fought for?

Ps. I am in no way saying that all black people are homophobic, I know several black people that supports the gay struggle 100%. In this post I’m talking about the people who actually are homophobic.

The Gays Are To Blame!

This topic is not really related to what I usually discuss on here, but it made me so angry that I needed to say something about it.

I will start this post off by saying; Fuck you, you mothafucking catholic piece of shit. There, I feel better. So, many of you have probably already heard about all the pedophilia scandals that have surfaced from the catholic church. Not only have numerous priests sexually abused children, but the Pope have even tried to cover the whole thing up. To me this is not surprising at all, the catholic church has always had sort of a pedophile-stamp on its name, at least to me and my closest friends. But this whole story is just getting worse and worse. Apparently the popes ‘right hand’ – Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, now blame the gays, or more specifically, homosexuality in its entirely, for these abominations. To quote Amy Poelher and Seth Myers from SNL’s Weekend Update — REALLY?

Yes, homosexuality is to blame for the pedophiles incapability of restraining themselves from touching little kids, and their cowardliness of not admitting that they have a problem and trying to suppress them by becoming celibate priests. In his remarks, the Cardinal quotes a study he ‘recalls’ saying that pedophilia is more related to homosexuality than celibacy. Honestly, I don’t think it is related to any of the two, if you want to be celibate, be celibate, but be completely sure about why you’re becoming celibate. If you just want to score a Disney show and wear tight jeans, fine. But if you’re becoming a priest and thus celibate because you’re aware of the fact that you have some type of sexual disturbance, like having sexual fantasies about children for instance, and thinks that by withholding sex completely it will go away, then you probably need to rethink your decision.

Being gay has nothing to do with having sexual thoughts about kids. Of course there are gay pedophiles too, but I would guess that the percentage of pedophiles is about the same in the gay world as they are within the straight world. There are sick people in all groups, but the really sick ones are the people that don’t admit that they have a problem and seek professional help and instead turn to something as abstract as religion to try to heal themselves. Go and see a psychiatrist for god’s sake.

This whole story makes me sick to my stomach, and it really affirms my belief that religion is mostly an evil power-cartell driven by sick people with waay too much influence over millions of sheep. To end this post on a ironic note, the catholic church as an entity needs to burn in hell.

Bill Donahue (I believe his official title is “Asshole”) was on Larry King the other night discussing this whole issue. First he says that there has been good steps taken to eliminate the child molestation problems, like excluding gays from the church. Second he says that the sexual abuse was not pedophilia, but homosexuality, because the kids where post-pubescent (a.k.a 11-13 years old). You are out of your mind Bill, it’s not pedophilia as long as the kids have gone through puberty? I’m really starting to understand where the Catholic Church is coming from on this whole thing. It’s a matter of “We can do no wrong, so lets blame homosexuality for our wrong doings”. I guess that is kind of in coupe with how the church in its entirety is run, you sin – confess it, then step away from it.
This is an evil organization that does everything to bring hatred toward my people, EVEN THOUGH they are the ones that have been molesting children and tried to cover it all up.


I know that this post isn’t really in tune with the rest of the posts I have put on this blog so far, but I just have to say… wow. Something real has actually been done in this country. When I first came here, George W. Bush was still in office, no one had faith in the government, no one saw a light in the dark tunnel, but today so much has changed. I was here to witness a historic election of a new president, and today I was here to witness a historic vote on a bill that might change this country forever. Even if it will turn out good or bad, one thing is sure about the passing of the Health Care Reform bill in the House today; Things can actually be done.

Even though I’m not a citizen of the Unites States I do consider this my home now, and I’m very interested in how this country will move forward. I’ve had my ups and downs with Obama, I was rooting for him in the Presidential election, but once he took the office I’ve had my disagreements. I felt what his stance on gay rights has changed, and that he is not as supportive of us and our cause now as he was in his campaign. But he has sort of come around a little bit, not as much as I had hoped, but at least somewhat. During Obama’s campaign, he seemed like the candidate that could make the most changes to this country, and boy… was change needed after eight years of Bush in office. Today it is clear that the message that Obama was running for the presidency on was true, change has come, and change will continue to come.

Welcome To My Place

This post was originally called “Hello World”, and I guess that is quite an appropriate way of starting the first post of a blog. So without further ado, Hello World! I’m broadcasting from and to the internets today because I believe that I have something to say. Something that might interest you, something that might intrigue you. Or something that will offend you so immensely that you never want to come back and visit this web page ever again. It’s all in your mind, how you perceive the world, or even how you were raised. Either way, what I have to say is extremely important, and it will be said with my head held high.

Dear World… I am a homosexual. How big of a homosexual, you might ask. Well, a pretty big one, I would answer. Oh god, not another one of those gay blogs with pink backgrounds and gossip about reality TV shows, and celebrities, you might think. And I’m here to tell you that that is exactly what this blog is. Another gay blog with content that really doesn’t matter in the end. Who cares about how ugly the contestants on America’s Next Top Model was this season (they were pretty ugly actually)? Well, I’m here to tell you that gay people do. Why? Because gay people are a breed of their own, which is kind of funny since we’re not known to breed, but this breed is indeed a very special branch on the tree that is humanity. I’m sorry if I disappointed you with my skills in writing, I lured you in with an interesting opening, and then in the end this is just going to be another blog about stupid shit that only stupid people care about. Well… I guess I just fooled you yet again. Man, this blog already has more twists and turns than the average Lost episode.

Paragraph three, the end of the beginning. This blog will not, I repeat, WILL NOT, be another blog about celebrity gossip, or fashion, or reality TV. No, this blog will be about what I like. So what do I like? Let’s see, I like my hubby Rick, I like videogames, I like politics, I like technology, I like science, I like smart humor, I like music, I like amusement parks, and I like… like. If I like it, I can bet you that it will be found on this page at one time or another. If I like you, you might even end up here, who knows? But for now, I am the only one that will be here, but hopefully that will change soon.