Finals, Racist Trumps, and Birth Certificates

I haven’t been around much lately, that is completely my fault. It’s not you baby, it’s me. It’s all on me!!! Well, it’s also a little bit about my school and how much work I’ve been having to do lately. Actually it’s pretty much all about that, so blame college, not me! Finals have started, I have not slept for 72 hours, and I’m inside in a dark room in front of my computer when the sun is shining like a motherfucker outside… Me no gusta.

Even though I’ve been so occupied I’ve been following the whole Donald Trump’s plugs being racist about Obama’s graying hair. It’s too ugly to even comment on. I mean seriously, you’re gonna fuel the worst group of people in America, then when you get what you want you’re gonna take credit for it being released, and pat yourself on the back because you made the President of the United States show proof that he is in fact an American-born citizen. It’s funny how people forget how Obama’s opponent in 2008 actually wasn’t born on American soil, so don’t throw stones to begin with. Either way, once this is all done and over with, here come the after-birthers. Are these people serious? Inspecting every little thing on the birth certificate to make sure that it’s legit, pointing out this photoshop mistake and that photoshop mistake. This is the president of the United States we’re talking about, if he had his birth certificate forged and released to the public don’t you think that he would’ve used someone other than the intern at “graphics-r-us” to do it? Seriously? Then when I point that out, the rhetoric changes to “well, it was intentionally done in a sloppy way in order to to shy away from all the real issues the country is facing”… Really? So you people are not the exact same people that have been pushing this issue for years now?Instead of dealing with real issues you’ve been pushing this BS issue about Obama not being an American-born citizen, then you get proof, and YOU dissect every little aspect of the proof in order to find something wrong with it, then you have the audacity to say that someone else is doing all of this in order the focus to still be on this birth certificate. That is the worst logic (and the longest sentence) I have ever come across… Fuck you Alex Jones.

My partner said something yesterday that is so true, you just can’t argue with some people, some people will never change their opinions about anything so the best thing to do is just to give them a big happy “Go fuck yourselves”, and be done with it. So here it is. To all you birthers, after-birthers, tea party racists, homophobes, and to you Donald Trump… GO FUCK YOURSELVES!!!


Ps. Once finals are done and over with a bunch of more elaborate posts are coming. One about gay advocates selling out, one how to deal with waking up on your gay side, and maybe even a guide on how to improve your sex life. So stay tuned!


Decoding Online Profiles

I’ve already written a guide on how you make your online profile more successful (you can find the guide by clicking on this link). Then I thought… that is not the only information that is good to have when navigating the online dating/sex jungle. I’ve been a member of a few dating/gay online communities for many years now, so I’ve come across pretty much every type of profile and person there is to come across, and therefore I think I am pretty eligible to try and decipher some of the lies that the common dating profile contains. Please take the second part lightly as it’s just generalizations and some are just plain jokes. But maybe you will find this information useful in some way!

I want to start off on a very serious note, this is something that I’ve seen time and time again, so please take this part very seriously. Be aware of scammers!! It’s not very easy to detect a scammer at first, they are usually very nice, and seem very interested in you and what you have to offer as a person. Sometimes you may even have interaction with the scammer for weeks, even months before he makes his true move. There are some very real signs that will help clue you in on whether you’re dealing with a scammer or not.
First, common sense. Does he seem too good to be true? You know the saying “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is”, and it’s usually the case with online encounters as well. A scammer is very skilled with how he interacts with people, he will make it seem as if you’re the perfect soul mates, and agree with mostly everything you’re saying.
Second, does he have excuse after excuse? The excuses can be anything from “I don’t have a camera”, to “I don’t have another picture on my computer”.  A scammer usually only has limited amounts of pictures of himself, simply because he does not look anything like the picture he has up on his profile. That is also why he doesn’t have a web camera even though you can buy for about $10 these days.
Finally, and this is of course the ‘move’ he will make, has he asked you for money? This can be done in a variety of ways, but usually he asks for money in order to come and see you. Please please be aware of this, no matter how badly you want to meet him. Instead you should offer to go and meet him where he lives, and if he has more excuses to why you can’t come there, then you know for sure that it’s a scammer you’re dealing with. He may also ask for money for other reasons, such as “I’m late on my car payment, can you help out?”, or “My mom is in the hospital and I need money to help pay the bills”, etc. In a few cases the person may actually tell the truth, but from my experience they are not in the majority of the cases. Once he gets his money he will disappear never to be heard from again. The scammer may have multiple profiles and be dealing with multiple people simultaneously in order to maximize his profit. Once again, this is very serious, and please look for these signs in order to minimize your risk of being scammed.

Now for the more lighthearted profile decoding. Like I said above, I’ve been browsing the gay dating sites for many years now and there are certain elements of a profile that I always come across and that in the majority of the cases seem to have the same hidden meaning. If a profile says that he is “Discreet”, it simply means that he is either married to a woman and has kids and sleeps around on her with guys on the side, or it means that he’s working for a company or organization that discriminates against gays in a major way. When you see the word “Taboo”, the usual explanation is that the man behind the profile either is a pedophile and want you to role play being his 12 year old son, or he likes to eat shit. If you see someone list their weight at 250 lbs, it’s safe to assume that he is closer to 300 lbs. A profile listing their age at 60, they are more likely closer to 70, and if a profile is listed as 18 it either means that he has been 18 for 11 years, or that he is actually 16 lying about his age in order to not be kicked off the site for being a minor. A profile without a picture, but still stating that he is good looking, usually means he is not. It is also safe to say that you can take off at least two inches off of any type of measurement posted, whether it be height or… you know… And finally, if a profile says that they are “Masculine” but lists their interests as “Gardening, Cooking, Interior Design, etc” it is safe to assume that they are more masculine than RuPaul, but less masculine than Martha Stewart.

What elements have you noticed on dating profiles that always seem to have a hidden meaning?

Pussy News Anchors

What ever happened to news? I mean plain news. I’m so sick of hearing about this person’s opinion and that person’s opinion. I just want plain news stories presented to me. All of the major news networks have this fetish for putting people on air to express their own opinions about different topics. It’s ok when they have an expert talking about the nuclear meltdown in Japan for instance, he doesn’t present his opinions, he’s trying to get facts out there and inform people about what is going on. But when it comes to things like politics or social problems, why do we need to hear about what other people think about the topic on hand?

If you’ve been reading my blog I assume you know by now how I feel about the right wingers. I have never in my life taken what Fox News has reported on seriously. But in this case, the left is as guilty as the right of pushing their agenda down people’s throats, just from the other point of view. And I get it, they get higher ratings for doing so, and MSNBC is just trying to be the counter Fox. I just wish that no one would invite people to express their opinions, or have specific news anchors with a specific agenda. From what I have seen, MSNBC reports more truthfully than Fox does about subjects discussed, Fox has never been shy about lying straight to your face, but when it comes to this particular topic, they are both as guilty.

The reason I started thinking about this is because I watched Meet the Press the other morning. Blondie Mc Pussycat was interviewing Michelle Bachman. Don’t get me wrong, Michelle Bachman is one of the most disgusting people I can think of, she’s up there with Michael Phelps and such. And that is exactly why I got so fucking pissed at David Gregory for being such a little blond pussy ass. He asked I’ll-be-Bachman some good questions, that wasn’t the problem, the problem was that she failed to answer a single one of them. And instead of confronting her, Gregory just let it slide and moved on. Why can’t these news anchors man up and say “If you’re not going to answer my questions I will cut your mic off”? I would’ve done it in a heart beat. Meet the Press is supposed to be a legendary, tough, news program, and it has been reduced to “we’re gonna let everyone say what they want-gabba gabba”. I mean seriously, if you ask someone a direct question, that requires a very simple answer, why do you let them beat around the bush for ten minutes talking about something completely different? It is just beyond me. MAN UP god damn it.

Attention Seekers Will Get Attention

I don’t know if this is some grand scheme by the media to make people ignorant about real issues, or if it’s a much lesser scheme by people who think that we are just sheep who will enjoy any BS they will throw at us. All I know is that in order to make people we don’t want to hear about just go away all together, all we need to do is to not pay them any attention. It’s like the annoying kid in grade school that always thought he was funny when picking on the nerdy kid with glasses. His picking would be fueled by other people giving attention to him when he’s doing it, but it would go away if everyone would just ignore him.

There are some major issues I’m having problems with this week. Number one, Charlie “I’m not on drugs, I just look, and talk like I’m on drugs” Sheen. Who the fuck cares about this asshole? Charlie Sheen has been on every major network these past days talking about his life, his (according to him) non-drug habits, and his canceled TV show. He has even said that there are more important things in the world that needs attention other than focusing on him, yet he sells himself out like the money whore he is now that his show is off the air. I guess he needs to hustle a bit now that he doesn’t have an income anymore. It’s expensive to take care of four kids, a yacht, two-three mansions, two girlfriends, two ex-wives, and numerous million dollar-range motor vehicles.
So, instead of focusing on people that have actual problems, like the ~10% of the U.S. citizens that are out of work at the moment, the media is focusing on this douche that can’t play a role that has a name other than his own (seriously what is that about? Is it that he doesn’t understand that someone is talking to him if they don’t call him Charlie? YOU’RE AN ACTOR MORON). Today I read that Mr. Crackhe… I mean Mr. Sheen has gained one million followers on twitter in 24 hours. Are you kidding me people? Are you really that desperate to hear what this man has to say? You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

The second thing I’ve been thinking about is the whole Westboro Baptist Church hoopla. If you don’t know who they are, they are the people that have been protesting a variety of events, including fallen American soldier’s funerals, with messages like “You’re dead because of America’s support for gay rights”, or “God Hates Fags” etc. They are now in the news because a father who’s son was killed in Iraq sued the church for protesting at his son’s funeral. I don’t have a problem with that at all, I would’ve probably done something way worse than that if it was my kid’s funeral and those nutjobs started chanting their hate speech outside. Yesterday the supreme court ruled that they are allowed to continue their protests at fallen soldiers’ funerals. I have a big problem with that ruling, and people can scream “free speech” all they want, but it’s not a matter of their free speech being contended when they are using hate speech. If they were the KKK no one would lift an eyebrow if the supreme court would’ve ruled against them. It’s because they’re protesting “the gay lifestyle” instead of something society considers as being worse that they get away with it. Anyway, the real issue here is not really the supreme court’s ruling, it’s the fact that these people have a voice at all. Why even bring them up in the news? They are a hate speech group so ridiculous that even the Tea Partiers say “now, those guys are crazy”. Just ignore them and they will eventually go away.

I could talk about other people that should just be ignored, but I feel that by simply posting this text I have given people, that don’t deserve to be given any sort of attention, more attention than I really do want to give them. It’s a paradox to even write a post like this, but someone has to say it, and at least I’m not some big news corporation that is supposed to give legitimate news. I’m just me doing this because I love to write and I want to share my thoughts in some kind of medium. If you don’t like that, just ignore me, see how simple that was?

Are We Really This Pathetic?

The other day I had an online conversation with a gay man. He was an older nice gentleman, not in a relationship but he did have some thoughts on my relationship. For those of you who don’t know; I’ve been in a relationship for over four years now. My partner is older than I am, but hey, that’s how I like em. Anyway, this older gentleman and I had a conversation about a variety of stuff, but it was the last thing we talked about that really got my mind rolling. He gave me advice that, in reality probably is good advice, but at the same time… are gay people really so pathetic that I would have to take it?

The advice he gave me was that I should always have safe sex, even though I’ve been in a monogamous relationship for over four years. It doesn’t sound so terrible, and to some it may even sound like a smart thing to do. But think about this, my partner and I haven’t had safe sex in over three years. In the beginning of our relationship we did, and after a year we got tested and decided to skip the rubber. I like bare backing, I can’t lie about that, but I would never do it with someone that I can’t trust or that I don’t know is clean. So, now after we’ve made this decision together, should I all of a sudden say to him that I want to bring the little rubber ducky into our sex life again? So much for a hot threesome…

Telling my partner that I want to bring condoms back into our relationship is telling him one of two things; I’m either telling him “Haha, I’m cheating on you so we need to use rubbers again because I don’t want to give you my adulterating bugs.” or I’m telling him “Bitch, I don’t trust you, so you gotta wear this condom”. I’m not sure which one is better to be honest… Either way, it’s all about trust.

I’ve never heard anyone give the advice to a straight couple before. “You’ve been married four years? Time to get the rubber back into the relationship, you know… with all the HIV floating around”. Come on, the only reason he said it was because we have a same-sex relationship. I’m not gonna brush under the carpet that gays are more promiscuous than straights, because we are, it’s even scientifically proven that we are, but the data also shows that gay men are about as unfaithful as straight men are. So why should there be any more risk of catching a bug if you’re in a gay relationship, than if you’re in a straight one? When HIV first blew up around the world it is true that gay men was a larger group of infected people than any other, but it has pretty much evened out over the years, and now the rates are about the same between gays and straights. The more important question however is, why should I have to be more worried about my partner cheating on me, than a straight woman? As I said, the data shows that straight men are in the same range of being as unfaithful as gay men, but I can’t see anyone having this conversation with a straight married/tied-up woman.

The whole thing comes down to how we see ourselves and our group. Are we really so pathetic that we must constantly be on our toes about our partners cheating even if the relationship has been solid for four plus years? I can tell you that I won’t be, I trust my partner completely, and I’m pretty sure he trusts me completely as well. And honestly, if someone has this conversation with me again, I think I will be more offended than I was this time…

Gays are Sinners, Yet You Fuck Around on Your Wife

Oh laaawdy lawd. This week married New York republican representative Chris Lee was caught cruising for women on craigslist (which is so 2006 btw). To me it’s starting to get real fucking laughable how these people time and time again get caught in these type of situations. It’s one thing to cheat on your wife, or get caught going to strip clubs, or get caught with a hooker. It’s another thing being a politician doing it. And it’s even worse when you’re a Republican politician doing it. The reason for the latest statement is very clear and simple; republicans are time and time again working against gay rights, and trying to uphold this so called “sanctity of marriage” that they so clearly possess a shitload of.

I honestly don’t care what people do on their spare time, if they want to fuck around on their wives, go ahead, I have nothing to do with that. Even though their wives are getting hurt, it’s still a matter for them to deal with, not me. However, when my personal and my minority group’s rights are being challenged by said adulterer, that’s when it gets to be my business. Who the fuck are you to say that my MONOGAMOUS loving relationship is sinful and shouldn’t be acknowledged by the federal government as legitimate as to grant us the ca 1,200 benefits that come with a legally bound partnership, when you clearly can’t keep your dirty ass dick in your pants? <insert more curse words here>

And this week’s republican scandal is just a drop in the whore-filled sea that is the republican sex scandals. I was going to make a list of every single one in the recent years, but after doing some research I found that that would take me about a year and a half, so I’m just going to put down the juiciest and gayest ones:

2010: Roy Ashburn, California State Senator gets arrested for drunk driving on his way home from a gay bar. Later he admitted to being gay. AssFuckingHole.

2009: Alan David Berlin, aide of Senator Jane Orie of Pennsylvania gets arrested for sending detailed emails to a fifteen year old boy. The emails consisted of sexual innuendos and fantasies where he dressed up as a panda bear (I can’t make this shit up). People with this sexual fetish are called “Furries”, people wanting sex with fifteen year old boys are called pedophiles. PedoBear.

2009: John Ensign, Senator from Nevada gets ousted for fucking around on his wife with a married staffer. Later he accuses her of trying to extort him, but evidence comes out that shows he was trying to pay her off to keep quiet. AssMunch.

2008: Matthew Joseph Elliott, aide of Mitt Romney, is convicted of sexually exploiting a child. PedoAss.

2008: Robert McKee, Maryland delegate, convicted of possession of child porn. PedoFuck.

2007: Robert “Bob” Allen, Florida state representative, got caught by a male undercover cop trying to buy oral sex for $20 from him. CheapFuck.

2007: Richard Curtis, Washington state representative, got caught with a male escort. This fucker voted time and time again against a variety of gay rights-issues. HypocriticalDick.

2006: Mark Foley, Florida republican representative, sex chat with several men. This was attempted to be covered up by such big shots as John Boehner (hehe Boner). AssDick.

2005: John Gosek, Mayor of Oswego, NY, got arrested for paying an undercover cop $250 to take him to a hotel room to have sex with two 15 year old girls. PayingPedo.

2005: Jeff Miller, Senate Caucus Chairman in Tennessee, sponsor of Tennessee Marriage Protection Act, gets divorced because of being an adulterer. He supported the Marriage Protection Act, except for the part about not being a sleezy fuckass and not cheat on your wife. SinfulFuck.

2005: Jeffrey Kyle Randall, Mayor of Clarkfield, Minnesota, got sentenced to jail for molesting two under-aged boys (10 and 12) during a six year period. PedoMayo.

2005: Jim West, Mayor of Spokane, had a sexual relationship with an 18 year old man. He supported bills that would have prevented gay people from working in schools, daycare centers, etc. He also voted against the state being able to distribute pamphlets on how to protect yourself from getting HIV. And lastly said that “any touching of the sexual or other intimate parts of a person” among teenagers should be criminalized. I guess that didn’t work out too well for ya, did it. FittHora.

Ok, those were some of the best examples from the last few years. There’s a whole list of republican sex scandals that can be found here.
Enjoy the reading.

To be a little bit serious for a while. People may come at me saying “not all republicans engage in this behavior” or “not all republicans are against gay rights”. And sure, those people are right. However, there is a buttload of republican sex scandals, ranging from Senators, to Priests, to Radio show hosts. And it is fact that the majority of the republican party has voted against, or come out against, bills/legislatures that would grant gays rights in this country. That’s why this whole thing is so hypocritical. If you think marriage is so holy and should be protected from us evil gays at all cost, then the first step you should take is to keep your dick in your pants. It’s as simple as that. You can’t come to me and tell me that how I live my life is wrong, or sinful, based upon a book that also clearly states what you’re doing is wrong, or sinful. Probably a lot more wrong and sinful than what I’m doing too.

Say what you want about other type of issues the republicans stand for, but honestly, if you are gay and you care about gay rights, are these really the people you want to associate yourself with? (I’m talking to you Jimmy LaSalvia). I understand that people have different ideas about the economy, national protection, welfare systems, or whatever, but at this point in time when we as a group really do lack a lot of rights in society, what is more important? It may be a bit selfish to only focus on this issue, but at the same time, enough is fucking enough (I had to get one more “Fuck” in there).

Fuck count: 15

Why the Floopyness?

People make me so confused sometimes… The other night I was waiting for a sociology class I’m taking to begin (the one I’ve written about here earlier btw), and I was just sitting minding my own business, surfing on my computer or whatever. All of a sudden this girl sitting next to me turned to me and said: “Excuse me, is your name Derek?”… I looked at her, grimaced at her weird growth in the corner of her eye and I told her that it was not. She said “Oh, because you look exactly like a friend of mine, his name is Derek, he’s my best friend’s boyfriend”. Like the good sport I am, I just kind of laughed it off, and just stated that no, I’m not him, we exchanged (and quickly forgot) names and I returned to my computer screen. In my head however this was my response to her: “Bitch, you can’t tell the difference between your best friend’s boyfriend and me? If I would’ve been him, don’t you think I would’ve said hi to you since you stood outside the classroom ogling me like I’m some type of zoo animal in a completely non-subtle way. Or are you just so fucking stupid that you assume that because I look like your friend’s boyfriend, my name must also be Derek?”. Yes, in my head, I am a very mean person.

Once I got home and spoke to my boyfriend about it, he had a different approach to the whole thing, his idea was that there was no friend named Derek at all, that it was just an ice breaker to get to know my name. And I started thinking about it, and it may have been just that. It may also have been an order from her very frilly gay friend that was sitting one chair over listening intensely to our conversation. If he’s gay, he has definitely seen me in one of the few local gay clubs, so he may have been the instigator to the whole thing. Either way, it seemed to just be a lame way to get some info about me…

Are we, as a species, really this floopy about shit? I mean seriously, if you want to know my name, just ask my damn name, I would be very more open to talking to you if I felt like it was real and not either some made up lie to get contact, or just plain stupidity. Granted, this girl was probably still in her teens, or early twenties at best, but come on… you don’t have more game than that? Most other people I have interacted with in classes have been pretty straight with me, I got in contact with one of my best friends in school by pretty much saying hi in a class, asking her name and we pretty much hit it off right away. I don’t like this fakeness or game-playing that some people pull, it’s a big turn off socially for me and it does not make me want to get to know the person any better. And if it was some other agenda, sexual or whatever, it’s just sad. You can’t ask me straight up about something? Hell ask me straight up if I’m gay or not, I got nothing to hide, even though I don’t wear it on my sleeve. The whole thing is just so stupid…

I’m glad I’m in the natural sciences, people seem to be on pretty much the same wavelength as I am most of the time in those classes. I’m taking this weird ass molecularelectromagnonanopenisvagina class (I seriously don’t know the name of it, but it’s something like that… almost at least), and we have so much fun in that class. Granted we are only ten students taking it, but everyone seem to be pretty much on the same level when it comes to interests, aspirations, humor, maturity, etc. and the ages rein from 21 until 40, so it’s pretty diverse to start with. It’s just such a difference interacting with those people than it is interacting with people in classes not directly related to the natural sciences.

Ok, I’m gonna stop ranting about socially awkward people now.
Until next time!