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I know that this post isn’t really in tune with the rest of the posts I have put on this blog so far, but I just have to say… wow. Something real has actually been done in this country. When I first came here, George W. Bush was still in office, no one had faith in the government, no one saw a light in the dark tunnel, but today so much has changed. I was here to witness a historic election of a new president, and today I was here to witness a historic vote on a bill that might change this country forever. Even if it will turn out good or bad, one thing is sure about the passing of the Health Care Reform bill in the House today; Things can actually be done.

Even though I’m not a citizen of the Unites States I do consider this my home now, and I’m very interested in how this country will move forward. I’ve had my ups and downs with Obama, I was rooting for him in the Presidential election, but once he took the office I’ve had my disagreements. I felt what his stance on gay rights has changed, and that he is not as supportive of us and our cause now as he was in his campaign. But he has sort of come around a little bit, not as much as I had hoped, but at least somewhat. During Obama’s campaign, he seemed like the candidate that could make the most changes to this country, and boy… was change needed after eight years of Bush in office. Today it is clear that the message that Obama was running for the presidency on was true, change has come, and change will continue to come.