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Rick Perry Confuses Me…

So, Rick Perry has a new ad out in which he is extremely offensive to both the gay community and the military. What makes his ad even more reprehensible is that his staff managed to disable the comments section on youtube so that no one can voice their opinions about the ad. Luckily his staff forgot to disable the ratings functionality and with over 300,000 dislikes (compared to the ~8,000 likes), the public’s opinion on this ad is pretty clear. What confuses me about Rick Perry though is that while I feel like going to his house with the sole purpose of spitting in his face, I would most likely end up doing much dirtier things to his face as well.

Because, irregardless of his political views, Rick Perry is fucking hot to me. I’m a gay man and while I am merely 25 years old I am only attracted to men well above 40. Most people immediately make the assumption that it has something to do with money, believe me it does not. I just don’t find younger guys attractive at all. I like my men to be more mature, masculine, and preferably gray haired. It’s just my preference, and unfortunately Rick Perry fits that description to a T. I also have a thing for suits which only further increases my attraction to him. It’s like an internal battle between my big brain and my smaller brain. Luckily my big brain wins out because as excited as my penis gets whenever I see a picture of him, the minute he opens his mouth the excitement turns into anger. I guess there is such a thing as aggressive sex, but I generally prefer to be on the subordinate end on the aggression (TMI I know).

Anyway… To sum up: while I feel like punching the guy in the mouth, I also feel like putting my penis in there. I’m so confused…

Ps. In case you haven’t seen the ad, this is not it, but it’s funny:


Bin Laden is Dead, Now What?

Numerous conspiracy theories, a deep recession, and ten years later, Osama Bin Laden has been found and killed. So, let’s take a look at what this really means. First of all, it’s a great boost of confidence to the people of the U.S. It’s something that people have been waiting for ever since the twin towers fell that September 11th morning. Second, this will bring some type of justice to the families of the people who got killed in the attacks, and it will also bring a sense of justice to the American people. Furthermore, this will bring a sense that the two (or three if you count Libya) wars this country is engaged in have some type of legitimacy to them. Up until this point many people have had no real idea why the U.S. has been engaged in Afghanistan and Iraq, and while many questions still remain about America’s engagement in Iraq, the fact that something concrete has actually been done brings a sense of victory to the mess that has been these two wars. When the troops start retracting back home later this year, they will do so with a sense of victory, not a sense of abandonment.

With all that said, I can’t help but wonder about two major things. Number one, what will the retaliation be? These Talibans haven’t been happy with the U.S. so far, this will only anger them even further. With all the extra security measures that is in place I doubt that there will be another terrorist attack anytime soon, however I think that there will be a lot of angry Talibans tomorrow and they will find a way to express that anger. Number two, now that one of the biggest elements of the American people’s anger is gone… will more attention be paid towards (maybe) more significant things? Will focus be turned away from the feeling of being nonsecure and the fear of the boogyman that has been terrorism and instead turned toward things that may be more immediately threatening to society? There will always be people that wants a lot of defense and focus on military, but maybe a few people will turn nationally and see what is wrong inside the country, and shine a light on the domestic terrorists that is the people that brought this country into a recession.

I’m hoping that this focus on fear and not feeling secure because of what a few crazy arabs did will go away. Fear only leads to stupidity and the making of big mistakes (Iraq is an example of this). A sense of urgency over a situation is different, but being scared can only lead to bad things and bad decisions. I’m really hoping that the news of Osama Bin Laden’s death will rid the American people of this fear that has been dominating people’s everyday life for the past ten years. This is a good thing, and I don’t say that about news of people that just died often.

Finals, Racist Trumps, and Birth Certificates

I haven’t been around much lately, that is completely my fault. It’s not you baby, it’s me. It’s all on me!!! Well, it’s also a little bit about my school and how much work I’ve been having to do lately. Actually it’s pretty much all about that, so blame college, not me! Finals have started, I have not slept for 72 hours, and I’m inside in a dark room in front of my computer when the sun is shining like a motherfucker outside… Me no gusta.

Even though I’ve been so occupied I’ve been following the whole Donald Trump’s plugs being racist about Obama’s graying hair. It’s too ugly to even comment on. I mean seriously, you’re gonna fuel the worst group of people in America, then when you get what you want you’re gonna take credit for it being released, and pat yourself on the back because you made the President of the United States show proof that he is in fact an American-born citizen. It’s funny how people forget how Obama’s opponent in 2008 actually wasn’t born on American soil, so don’t throw stones to begin with. Either way, once this is all done and over with, here come the after-birthers. Are these people serious? Inspecting every little thing on the birth certificate to make sure that it’s legit, pointing out this photoshop mistake and that photoshop mistake. This is the president of the United States we’re talking about, if he had his birth certificate forged and released to the public don’t you think that he would’ve used someone other than the intern at “graphics-r-us” to do it? Seriously? Then when I point that out, the rhetoric changes to “well, it was intentionally done in a sloppy way in order to to shy away from all the real issues the country is facing”… Really? So you people are not the exact same people that have been pushing this issue for years now?Instead of dealing with real issues you’ve been pushing this BS issue about Obama not being an American-born citizen, then you get proof, and YOU dissect every little aspect of the proof in order to find something wrong with it, then you have the audacity to say that someone else is doing all of this in order the focus to still be on this birth certificate. That is the worst logic (and the longest sentence) I have ever come across… Fuck you Alex Jones.

My partner said something yesterday that is so true, you just can’t argue with some people, some people will never change their opinions about anything so the best thing to do is just to give them a big happy “Go fuck yourselves”, and be done with it. So here it is. To all you birthers, after-birthers, tea party racists, homophobes, and to you Donald Trump… GO FUCK YOURSELVES!!!


Ps. Once finals are done and over with a bunch of more elaborate posts are coming. One about gay advocates selling out, one how to deal with waking up on your gay side, and maybe even a guide on how to improve your sex life. So stay tuned!


I know that this post isn’t really in tune with the rest of the posts I have put on this blog so far, but I just have to say… wow. Something real has actually been done in this country. When I first came here, George W. Bush was still in office, no one had faith in the government, no one saw a light in the dark tunnel, but today so much has changed. I was here to witness a historic election of a new president, and today I was here to witness a historic vote on a bill that might change this country forever. Even if it will turn out good or bad, one thing is sure about the passing of the Health Care Reform bill in the House today; Things can actually be done.

Even though I’m not a citizen of the Unites States I do consider this my home now, and I’m very interested in how this country will move forward. I’ve had my ups and downs with Obama, I was rooting for him in the Presidential election, but once he took the office I’ve had my disagreements. I felt what his stance on gay rights has changed, and that he is not as supportive of us and our cause now as he was in his campaign. But he has sort of come around a little bit, not as much as I had hoped, but at least somewhat. During Obama’s campaign, he seemed like the candidate that could make the most changes to this country, and boy… was change needed after eight years of Bush in office. Today it is clear that the message that Obama was running for the presidency on was true, change has come, and change will continue to come.