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NASA Finds Life 600 feet Under Antarctica

This tiny little shrimp looking organism has been found deep down under Antarctica. The scientists found the amphipod when they lowered a video camera under the ice to, for the first time, explore the underside of the Antarctic ice.¬†Normally life should not be able to live under such extreme conditions, so this is quite the discovery. One of the scientists described their feelings about the discovery “We were just gaga over it,”.¬†Apparently that means they were very excited about the discovery since they put their poker faces on, rode on the drill like a disco stick, and just danced.

This is especially interesting to me since I’ve been to antarctica once. Yes it was this fishing trip my uncle Joe took me on. I remember it so well because we had to bring this long ass drill in order to get down to the water. And when it was time for lunch he had brought these great tasting shrimp, I remember dropping one down the fishing hole, it took such a long time before I heard… wait a minute… Crap.