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The Fascist State of America

Put your tiny foil hats on for a bit, I just need to get something out. Recent events have truly made me think that this country is actually going towards a totalitarian fascist state. I know it’s a cliche by now, but sometimes it really feels as if I’m living in a Orwell novel. Let’s start with the most obvious thing that happened recently, the crackdowns on the Occupy Wall Street camps around the country.

The crackdowns have taken place all over the country, and they have all had a very similar pattern. They all happened at night, with no previous warning or demand for protesters to leave, and they all happened by force. On top of that there have been reports that the Department of Homeland Security have participated in a meeting with 18 mayors from all around the country to discuss how to suppress the protesters. Unless it’s not clear, that is against federal law. Going a little deeper and looking at specific events it’s pretty clear that police did everything in their power to suppress the protesters, most likely not by their own will or thought, but by orders from their superiors. Pepper spraying non-violent defenseless people that, sure, were occupying a space, but did not show any signs of force whatsoever. In fact one of the biggest mantras of these protesters is peace, not force. Or the use of tear gas to clear people out, some that hit people and severely injure them. I know that some of you will shake your head and say that these people had it coming, and that they are just lazy bums that wants a hand out, and all I have to say to you at this point is open your eyes. It’s very clear what the OWS movement is after by now, it’s not about getting a handout or the inability to get a job, it’s about three very specific things. 1) To hold the banks responsible for their very large part in the economic crash. 2) To minimize the growing inequality gap that exists in the U.S. (i.e. save the middle class from vanishing). 3) Get the money out of politics. This mainly refers to the fact that corporations can now donate as much money as they like to any candidate they want, and in effect buy a candidate. Money apparently rules everything, so with enough money, big corporations can buy themselves any type of freedom they like to have. Which gets me to another point. How is it that it’s ok for people to camp out in public waiting for stores to open for black Friday, or to go and see the new Twilight movie, or a Justin Bieber concert, but not ok for people to camp out in protest of the wrongs that is going on in this country? Well, the answer is very simple to me, even if the answer is truly fucked up: Capitalism. The occupiers aren’t camping out to buy anything like the other groups of people are. It’s clear what this country is going towards, and it’s not the rights of the people, but the rights of the corporations, so of course every effort to suppress a movement that is against that will be taken.

But enough about the OWS situation, there is enough information about that for anyone to find, and if you don’t want to find it then keep your eyes closed and forever be a sheep. There is something else that I really want to talk about and that is something that happened this past weekend. It’s not really a big deal, that is, unless it wouldn’t have become such a big deal. A girl tweeted (to her staggering 65 Twitter followers) that she said mean things to the governor of Kansas in person. See, not a big deal right? It’s what happened next that is the big deal. Somehow someone in the governor’s office sensed some fowl words being said about her boss, and decided to bring it to the girl’s boss’ (i.e. her high school principal’s) attention. The principal called the girl into his office and demanded that she wrote the governor an apology letter and told her that she had put the whole school and the state to shame by tweeting what she did. Really? First of all, she is an 18 year old girl tweeting to 65 of her twitter friends… no one cares. Second of all, she has the right to say whatever the fuck she wants about whoever the fuck she wants. What’s funny to me is that the person in the governor’s office that contacted the principal has as her main job to monitor negative comments that are being said about the governor on social media sites. It’s like some type of gestapo lap dog sniffing out teenagers who disagrees with the governor’s policies. Well Ms. Lapdog, sniff out this: GOVERNOR SAM BROWNBACK IS A FUCKING ASSHOLE AND SHOULD NOT BE IN OFFICE. Are you gonna call my mommy on me? Stupid bitch… Sorry, back to the point. The fact that a governor has someone that not only monitors social media in order to find negative comments about him, but also goes to such an extent as to pretty much intimidate anyone that expresses their views to retract and apologize is just first hand fascism. I guess Kansas is the new Sicily…

Ok, pull down your foil hats even further now because here comes the big one. Within a minimum of 20 years there will be devices out there that can read our minds. This is not a joke, nor is it a crazy conspiracy theory, it’s fact. If you don’t believe me just click on this link: THIS ONE, RIGHT HERE!!! Sure, it does not say anything about any projection of true mind reading being finalized within any specific time frame, but just think about it. If today’s technology is so good that it can recreate images a person is looking at using only readings of that said person’s brain activity, it’s 99.999999% certain that within 20 years the technique will be perfected. Why do I bring this up? Well, in 20 years you won’t have anyone scanning the social media web for ‘disloyal’ teens, you will be scanning buildings for disloyal thoughts. And anyone with those thoughts better watch out, or your boss will call you into his office…

If you take away some very fundamental rights, rights that America and most of the developed countries, are based upon such as the right to protest, the right to free speech, and in the future, the right to free thought… then what is left is a fascist state almost identical to the one George Orwell predicted would come true in 1984, just a couple of decades late. I could go on and on about other things that show big signs toward this type of state becoming a reality, but I’ve already ranted on for over 1100 words, and frankly I’m tired.


Is the Internet Making People Cowardly?

A couple of days ago I put up a post about black homophobes. One person commented trying to point out flaws in my arguments, and I really respect that and encourage a discussion (as long as it’s on a good level). We went back and forth for a few comments and then he suddenly stopped commenting. In this case I have no idea what happened, he may come back and answer my comment sooner or later, or he may have had a terrible accident and is in a full body cast for all I know. I’m not pointing fingers at just him, but it did get me thinking; is the fact that it’s so easy to walk away from discussions on the internet making people more cowardly?

If him and I would’ve had the discussion eye to eye, we would’ve discussed it until it was done and over it, or until one of us had to pee, either way the discussion would’ve been finished. On the internet however, if you have a discussion and you come across arguments you cannot combat, something you don’t like, or something you are uncomfortable answering, all you have to do is leave and never come back. I love the internet, and I love the fact that a person can be anonymous and still have an opinion. But I’m not too sure that it’s a healthy thing when it comes to the development of people’s minds. Of course people should hold on to their beliefs and morals, but it’s never wrong to change an opinion because someone else presents you with facts or ideas that may trump the one you had before hand. On the internet this is something that is very hard to attain simply because it’s so easy to walk away from a discussion.

People don’t generally like change, and especially not change within themselves, so changing your own opinion about a subject you feel strongly about may be the hardest thing in the world, especially if you’re a very proud and/or stubborn person. It’s scary for some people to realize that they are wrong, hell it’s scary to me sometimes (just ask my partner), and when you’re provided with such an easy out for admitting that someone else’s opinion trumps yours, most people will take it. I’ve done it multiple times probably without even thinking about it. Sometimes it’s because I don’t feel like it’s worth my time since the person with whom I’m having a discussion won’t ever budge no matter what facts I throw at him. Sometimes it’s just because I rather take the easy way out. Is that wrong? Probably. The more important question is though, has it actually stagnated my own intellectual growth by not finishing discussions and maybe truly understand what a person from another viewpoint is saying? It most likely has.

Ask yourself, how many political, philosophical, or other types of discussions you’ve had on the internet have you left simply because you felt defeated and didn’t want to admit it? For me it’s probably more than I can count, and it’s funny because as I’m writing this I’m starting to remember more and more discussions that I’ve left, and I’m starting to feel quite embarrassed about it. Why can’t I just say “you know what, I really see what you’re saying and I think you’re right about this”? Is that really such a blow to my own ego that I can’t even admit that another person, even on the internet, has a good argument that might make me get more insightful about a particular subject? Maybe if people were more open minded about other people’s ideas and opinions, and not so hard headed about keeping our own unmodified, we would get a more productive and understanding society overall…

What do you think?…




… *logging out*

Intellectual Gays = High School Cheerleaders?

So last night I was bored so I decided to check out a certain chat room at a certain gay internet site I am a member of. The room was called ‘intellectuals’ and there were maybe 30 people in the room when I entered. My first thought was, “cool, people are actually talking in here”, but then I started reading what they were talking about, and it was like a dick measuring competition in pretentiousness. Who could write the wittiest joke, who could write the ‘smartest’ thing, who knew things no one else in the room knew. Anyway, I decided to chime in with something small; I wrote that there were a lot of older people in there (which it was, average age was probably around 45). Someone cleverly responded “define old”, and as he had his age (55) in his name I wrote 55. And that apparently pissed another guy off, saying that I was a child, didn’t know anything about what age was, etc. So I told him I was just kidding, and to chill out, I also told him I have a boyfriend who is 47 years old. He then writes a bitchy novel about me and my relationship, about how my bf fucks me silly and then buys me a Prada jacket (I didn’t know Prada made jackets btw) etc, which he posts in the main chat room. I was actually laughing out loud at it, a 45 years old was attacking someone almost half his age over nothing. Anyway, the rest of my visit in the room progressed with practically everyone ignoring anything I tried to say, except one guy that tried to be nice to me the whole time. I finally decided I’ve had enough so I said good night, but didn’t log out right away due to some private conversations that needed ending. It turned out that the minute people thought I logged out, they started talking shit about me behind my back. I put down ‘lol’ and x’d down the chat room.

I thought about the whole a bit today and it seriously felt as if I was the new member of the high school cheer-leading team. At first I got stared at funny, then the head cheerleader bit my head off as soon as I said something, then I got ignored by the whole squad except the one cheerleader that felt bad about being bitchy, and lastly the whole squad talked about me behind my back once I left the room.

It’s funny because I haven’t spent time in that particular chat room before, however I’ve spent many hours talking to other gays that didn’t feel the need to proclaim themselves as ‘intellectual’, but were highly educated in a variety of fields. And never have I experienced such a clicky (read: bitchy) group of gay guys. If you get the chance you should check the room out, it’s quite entertaining to see middle aged men act like teenage girls. As for me, I think that one time was enough.

I Suck, and Not in a Good Way

So, I’ve been saying that I was going to update this blog, even revamp it, now for a while. It seems as if something is always in the way, school work, my laziness, Gran Turismo 5, my laziness… I should be ashamed of myself. Anyway, I have decided on what to do with the blog, I’m just going to write what I feel about whatever I encounter daily. I was going to do something elaborate where I have sources, great ideas, witty language, but you know what… fuck that, I get enough of that in school. Time to get a bit personal, and a bit more light hearted. So the next posts will hit soon, and they will hit hard. Keep posted to my posting of the posts from postland… ok, I’m just rambling now. See you soon.

Revamp is upon thee

So, I’ve been gone for a long time now, there are several reasons for it. Number one: college was taking up too much of my time and mental capacity. Number two: I kind of felt like the blog was getting kind of… monotone. It wasn’t my intention to make it exclusively about tech, it just kind of happened that way. Number three: I’m lazy.

So, in order to try and entertain myself, and hopefully you as well, I will do a complete revamp of the blog within a few days. I have no exams in the near future, plus a fall break is coming up so I will have some time to really figure out what direction this blog should be taking. Tech is all fun and dandy, but I am not only tech, I’m so much more… flesh for instance. Maybe I should do my first new post about my flesh? It would be weird… but maybe interesting? Who knows?

I have some ideas on how to make the blog more living and not so one-tracked, but I haven’t settled on something specific yet. I think it will be more about my opinions about both daily things and political things. I’m opinionated and I don’t beat around the bush (ew), so I think something great can come out of it. A new header will come as well, I will not be changing the layout of the blog because I like the clean feel of it, but the header is a picture of New York; a place I like, but don’t live at so I feel it needs to be something a bit personal. We’ll see what photoshop can do for me, and what I can do for photoshop.

I will start the revamp tomorrow. Stay tuned… or whatever you say on the internetz.


Sweedie’s Guide to Online Dating Success

I like to chat with people online, I’ve been doing it for a long time and I still do it from time to time. When I started chatting the object was to explore my newly discovered sexuality, and eventually find someone nice and respectable to go on a date with. A lot of people frown upon online dating, and a lot of people should. It can be extremely dirty… but it can also be extremely giving, it mostly depends on what you make it out to be. If you ignore the dirty people just looking for sex, it can be an incredible experience that potentially could find you a mate for life. This was how I met my partner of (soon to be) four years, and this is how some of my best friends met as well. There is some luck involved in finding someone online, and in order to improve your odds, there are some guide lines that should be followed. So here comes my guide on how to create, form, and sculpt your online dating profile in order to improve your odds of finding a potential mate. (I’m going at it from a gay perspective, but straight people are welcome to continue reading on if they like… just be careful so I don’t turn you).


Sorry for screaming, but this is THE most important step in creating a successful online dating profile. If you’re uncomfortable with showing your face, show your feet, show your ear, show your flabby stomach if that’s what you got, I don’t care what it is, SHOW SOMETHING! It is scientifically proven that an online profile with a picture showing is 456% more successful than profiles without one. Ok, that might have been statistics pulled straight from my boy pussy, but I know for a fact that people on the hunt for someone don’t tend to look at profiles that don’t have a picture showing. So put up a picture!!! Have you done it yet? I’m waiting……. DO IT!!

Write Something Interesting About Yourself

Or at least write something interesting regardless of what it is. If you write something original, funny, or clever you will stand out from the pack. The standard “Hello, I’m X, and I’m looking for Y” doesn’t really work in the online dating jungle anymore (unless you find someone that has a dyeing attraction to variables). Another thing to point out, that I also addresses further down in this point, Be Positive! I see profiles that are filled with self load, and sometimes even anger. Just something as simple as writing “I’m interested in a person that has these qualities: x, y, z” will give such a more positive image of yourself than if you wrote “If you have qualities x, y, z, Don’t contact me!!”. You don’t want to come over as arrogant and angry at the world, nor self loading and desperate. Try to find a good balance of positiveness, originality, humor, and substance.

Make Your Profile As Complete As Possible

Fill out as many options as you’re comfortable with. Not only will this give other people a better sense of who you are, but it will also generate more hits towards your profile when people use the search function on the website.

Look At Other People’s Profiles

Most dating sites have a feature that will allow other people to see who has visited their profile. It seems as if most people are interested to see who has checked them out, and usually they click on those profiles to check them out in return.

Don’t Be Afraid To Say Hi

Even if you think that a person you find attractive is way out of your league, say hi! The worst thing that can happen is that they don’t say hi back, or turns out to be a complete ass (but who wants those people anyway, right?). Spark up a conversation, but don’t start with “You’re so fucking hot, I want to suck you so bad”. That might work if the person you’re approaching is a total slut, but most of the times it doesn’t generate anything but aggression and disgust. Be nice, and take it slow, talk to someone online as you would in real life.

Don’t Pity Yourself

“I’m so lonely, I haven’t had a date in ages, wah wah” STOP IT! No one wants to hear about your failed dating life. Even if you do feel sorry for yourself, and nothing is going your way, don’t let other people know. It’s an instant turn off, and I promise you that being positive will give you a much better chance of getting some interested in you.

Be Truthful

Don’t lie about yourself, it will only come back to haunt you. What if you claim that you have a 9 inch penis, and then you actually get a date with someone and it turns out you only have a 5 inch… awkwaaard. Of course penis size isn’t the only example, and definitely not the most important one, but you get what I mean. Don’t post pictures of someone else, don’t claim that you’re fit as a rock and then show up with a 40 inch waist, don’t claim to make 100 grand a year and then post a picture of you chilling on the front porch of your trailer. This doesn’t mean that you need to reveal everything about yourself right away, but when you do reveal something about yourself, be truthful about it.

Don’t Be Too Picky

You might want to only talk to the people that you find attractive, but there are so many interesting people out there. One thing that I have found is that the people that are very good looking and get a lot of attention won’t pay you much attention in return. I’m not saying you shouldn’t go for it, but just consider talking to someone that you might not find incredibly attractive at the first glance. A person is like an orange, it’s all pretty and tanned on the outside, but the peel is not what you’re after, it’s all the meat on the inside that’s the interesting part. And if you’re lucky, you might even choke on a seed once you get in there.

So, to sum up. Be original, be interesting, show some form of picture, don’t be an ass, don’t eat the peel of the orange, and just be yourself. This will take you a long way, and I promise you it will at least generate more hits to your online dating profile.

OMG, The World Just Ended!!

Or all the nutjobs were just proven wrong. The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN in Geneva has successfully collided its beams for the first time at world record speeds. The LHC has had a lot of problems and the collision of the beams have been delayed numerous times, but finally it was successful!

Some of the questions Cern hopes the LHC will be able to answer is how the universe looked just a millisecond after the big bang, if there actually is a so called “God Particle”, and how many chucks could a wood chuck chuck? Some of life and science’s big questions. I for one am excited, and hopefully some real cool things will come out of this big ass donut.

Here is the press release from Cern:

Live Webcast: