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I Suck, and Not in a Good Way

So, I’ve been saying that I was going to update this blog, even revamp it, now for a while. It seems as if something is always in the way, school work, my laziness, Gran Turismo 5, my laziness… I should be ashamed of myself. Anyway, I have decided on what to do with the blog, I’m just going to write what I feel about whatever I encounter daily. I was going to do something elaborate where I have sources, great ideas, witty language, but you know what… fuck that, I get enough of that in school. Time to get a bit personal, and a bit more light hearted. So the next posts will hit soon, and they will hit hard. Keep posted to my posting of the posts from postland… ok, I’m just rambling now. See you soon.


Revamp is upon thee

So, I’ve been gone for a long time now, there are several reasons for it. Number one: college was taking up too much of my time and mental capacity. Number two: I kind of felt like the blog was getting kind of… monotone. It wasn’t my intention to make it exclusively about tech, it just kind of happened that way. Number three: I’m lazy.

So, in order to try and entertain myself, and hopefully you as well, I will do a complete revamp of the blog within a few days. I have no exams in the near future, plus a fall break is coming up so I will have some time to really figure out what direction this blog should be taking. Tech is all fun and dandy, but I am not only tech, I’m so much more… flesh for instance. Maybe I should do my first new post about my flesh? It would be weird… but maybe interesting? Who knows?

I have some ideas on how to make the blog more living and not so one-tracked, but I haven’t settled on something specific yet. I think it will be more about my opinions about both daily things and political things. I’m opinionated and I don’t beat around the bush (ew), so I think something great can come out of it. A new header will come as well, I will not be changing the layout of the blog because I like the clean feel of it, but the header is a picture of New York; a place I like, but don’t live at so I feel it needs to be something a bit personal. We’ll see what photoshop can do for me, and what I can do for photoshop.

I will start the revamp tomorrow. Stay tuned… or whatever you say on the internetz.


New Header Will Come Soon

I’m not sure if anyone cares, but I am in the process of designing a new header for the blog. I’m not a webdesigner so I had to take the template right from wordpress and the header came along with it. I do have some graphic design experience though so I will do my best to make a sweet looking header for the blog. As long as this college deal slows down a little bit, god it’s exhausting. Molecules here, molecules there… get over it already.

Welcome To My Place

This post was originally called “Hello World”, and I guess that is quite an appropriate way of starting the first post of a blog. So without further ado, Hello World! I’m broadcasting from and to the internets today because I believe that I have something to say. Something that might interest you, something that might intrigue you. Or something that will offend you so immensely that you never want to come back and visit this web page ever again. It’s all in your mind, how you perceive the world, or even how you were raised. Either way, what I have to say is extremely important, and it will be said with my head held high.

Dear World… I am a homosexual. How big of a homosexual, you might ask. Well, a pretty big one, I would answer. Oh god, not another one of those gay blogs with pink backgrounds and gossip about reality TV shows, and celebrities, you might think. And I’m here to tell you that that is exactly what this blog is. Another gay blog with content that really doesn’t matter in the end. Who cares about how ugly the contestants on America’s Next Top Model was this season (they were pretty ugly actually)? Well, I’m here to tell you that gay people do. Why? Because gay people are a breed of their own, which is kind of funny since we’re not known to breed, but this breed is indeed a very special branch on the tree that is humanity. I’m sorry if I disappointed you with my skills in writing, I lured you in with an interesting opening, and then in the end this is just going to be another blog about stupid shit that only stupid people care about. Well… I guess I just fooled you yet again. Man, this blog already has more twists and turns than the average Lost episode.

Paragraph three, the end of the beginning. This blog will not, I repeat, WILL NOT, be another blog about celebrity gossip, or fashion, or reality TV. No, this blog will be about what I like. So what do I like? Let’s see, I like my hubby Rick, I like videogames, I like politics, I like technology, I like science, I like smart humor, I like music, I like amusement parks, and I like… like. If I like it, I can bet you that it will be found on this page at one time or another. If I like you, you might even end up here, who knows? But for now, I am the only one that will be here, but hopefully that will change soon.